As and When: The local sharing platform making an Impact in Peterborough

A year ago, Zoe Philips had an idea. Wouldn’t it be good if you could match up people needing help with someone who had the right skills to assist them?

Zoe took her idea to Allia’s Serious Impact programme and enlisted on the 30 day challenge at the Future Business Centre in Peterborough where she was supported to explore her idea. She has since progressed as one of twelve impact ventures accepted onto the Serious Impact Accelerator programme, where she will continue to be mentored and supported


As and When Zoe Phillips
Zoe launched As and When in Peterborough in November last year, as part of a corporate social responsibility event at the Future Business Centre attended by the Mayor of Cambridgeshire.

Zoe describes As and When as a giving and sharing platform, connecting people who are seeking help with those who can offer it by uploading an online profile to exchange services and skills.

Her inspiration came from personal experience when she has previously found it difficult to find help: “There’ve been in times in my life when I’ve needed help. You can’t learn and do everything, so why not ask people for help from time to time.” A background in personal development coaching, working with focused issues such as self-harm and anger management also meant that Zoe was equipped with specialised skills she could offer to help others, but there was not the platform to do so.

Zoe said: “I know there are so many people out there who are willing to help others, so connecting those people is a no-brainer. No one should feel like they need help and can’t find it.”

So far a local artist has already donated pieces of art to a non-for-profit, a chef has delivered a cookery lesson to a new vegan, and help has been offered to trainee teachers; just some examples of the impressive impact that As and When is already having on the local community in Peterborough.

Zoe continued: “Serious Impact helped me to work through step-by-step challenges and achievable goals to cement foundations for As and When, but the most important thing it has given me is confidence.”

If you would like to find some help or have some help you would like to offer, visit the As and When website to upload a profile and start giving and receiving today:

If you would like to find out more about Allia Serious Impact’s help for entrepreneurs visit



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