Clustermarket: the Airbnb for lab equipment

No matter what stage your company is at, finding scientific resources can be tricky and time consuming. Whether you are looking for a mass spectrometer for that one pilot study, or prototype testing and assessing one’s minimum valuable product, it is difficult not only to locate but also using it presents another hurdle.

After the boom of “sharing economy”, in which people rent beds, cars, boats and other assets directly from each other, coordinated via the internet, for the first time companies and scientists will be able to book expertise, lab space and lab equipment outside its institution via an online platform Clustermarket.

Clustermarket co-founder and CEO Johannes Solzbach says:

“Before Clustermarket, a scientist requiring a mass spectrometer (a piece of equipment most commonly used in life science research) would have had to pay up to half a million GBP on top of other equipment needed. Through Clustermarket they now have access to this type of equipment on demand, thereby enabling more research and removing barriers to entry. We are proud to be the frontrunners in the democratisation of scientific research, which traditionally has had its reins held by massive institutions and corporations. By launching Clustermarket we have initiated change in the research process, making it faster and affordable, and creating a better outlook for all in the industry by providing a platform for collaboration and innovation.”

Clustermarket also allows institutions to rent out its technologies (equipment, software), infrastructures and services to other researchers, raising funding for the institution from its under-utilised assets.

The platform was created in partnership with Merck Accelerator as the UK’s first online marketplace for life scientists to list, discover and book resources within their institution or cluster. It gives scientists the opportunity to access latest technology in an easy and affordable way. Get started, sign up for free at Clustermarket.

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