Allia VentureFest East Fast & Furious Pitching Competition


The Allia VentureFest East Pitching competition is open to Pre-start, Start-ups & SME’s who have a demonstrable impact on people and/or the planet.


Once all entries have been received, a winner will be selected by an Allia panel, the winners will have the opportunity to take part in the Fast & Furious Pitch Off at VentureFest East on 24 May, more information on the Pitch Off is available below.


To enter please fill out this short online form.


VentureFest East Fast & Furious Pitch Off FAQ’s

What is it?

  • An opportunity to give your company or idea exposure to a panel of experts, investors and business champions at Venturefest East by winning a slot for a quick 5-minute pitch against eleven other companies
  • A chance to win a free display table at Venturefest East
  • A vehicle for press exposure in the run up to Venturefest East



  • Fast and Furious pitch off takes place 24 May at Venturefest East at Newmarket Racecourse


How do I get through to the Fast and Furious?


What will I be asked to do?

Answer some simple questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you produce (product or service)?
  • Why is your product innovative and why should you win?
  • What can you show?
  • Who do we contact? How?


Then what?

  • Each cluster will have a slightly different assessment process but they will all invite shortlisted companies to exhibit with them at VFE. However, we expect most will adopt a paper-based assessment, at least in the first instance.
  • One company from each cluster will be chosen as the cluster winner and put through to the pitching session on the main VFE track. The clusters will have complete discretion to identify their top companies


What will the judges look for?

The criteria being used for sifting are:

  • Innovation: Has the company identified a problem and a new or better use of technology for business/societal benefit?
  • Impact: Is the problem real? Is it big enough to matter?
  • Delivery: Can you do what you say in the time you say?
  • Competitive: What is the competition? How will you win?
  • Team: Who you are and your skill base
  • Inspiration: Are you enthusiastic, committed and do you excite?
  • Viability: Can you make a profit? How?  What can you show at Venturefest?


Worried about the concept of fast pitching?

  • SJIC in partnership with SET-Squared will be running training on 4 May for those that get shortlisted for the 24 May event. This is compulsory.


Why do I have to be a cluster member?

  • There are many benefits to being with companies that operate in the same space and belonging to a group such as those mentioned can unlock many new opportunities
  • If you are not a cluster member, either feel free to join the cluster that relates to you, or enter via the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP, if you are based in this area, or New Anglia LEP, if you are based in Norfolk or Suffolk. For the New Anglia LEP contact Emma Finn ( (telephone 07495 766622) or Laura Welham-Halstead (


What about me? I’m in a different part of the UK

  • This event is open to innovative companies in the East of England. However, there are many Venturefests around the UK and they would be pleased to talk to you about their plans. Check out the KTN website for more details


Why do you need a reserve?

Experience tells us that something always comes up for at least one of the companies selected and we don’t want to waste the opportunity for someone to pitch.


Can someone have more than one entry?

We will liaise with our partners and expect people to enter only once. In the unlikely event that someone is put forward from more than one partner we reserve the right to offer the place to a reserve.


What do I win?

Lots of prestige and a small trophy to put on your shelf. Nothing else? Well apart from the exposure to top class investors and business people, we will create a focus on your achievements, in the run up to, and during the event. We are also working with some amazing sponsors on ideas that are likely to be game changing or may crumble into dust. Watch the space.



Terms and Conditions

Entries close noon Friday 25 March.

Entrants must be available to attend ‘pitch training’ on 4 May.

Entrants must be available to attend VentureFest East all day on 24 May.

Winners will be selected at sole decision of Allia, no correspondence will be entered into.

There will be no substitute prizes on offer.


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